Marko Korevec

software developer @ Martian&Machine

I am a software developer currently living in Zagreb, Croatia. My interests range from software development to cycling. I am also interested in privacy, technology, philosophy, photography and psychology.

You can find me taking photos and on the weekends and afternoons riding my road cycle. I am looking for photography collaborators.

I have been working profesionally on media related CMS for the past 6 years. My specialization is media and CMS, alongside DevOps. I have worked in Adult entertainment industry, YouTube/Creator industry and web first/TV industry. I can offer great insight into these markets and CMS used for distributing, managing and augmenting media.

Some of the text is still work in progress !

Help me improve any typos or mistakes [email protected]

My values

There are four values that are most important to me and those are Honesty, Respect, Love, Good Comunication (HRLC). I provide and expect these values in return. We can all be better humans if we are honest, respectful, full of love and are able to communicate it. Afterall all of these things are what makes us human.



I value honesty above all. If people were to be more honest nad less deciving and manipualtive for personal gain we as a humanity would go long way. You can execpt aboslute honesty from me and I exect the same from anybody around me. Being honest can be hurtful but there is a fine line between being an asshole and honest human, I try to stay above the line.


No matter who you are, no matter what you are everyone deserves respect. Either my worst enemy, someone who doesn't agree to my values or a begger on the streets. Repect is what I give as a unlimited resource and i exepct to recieve it.

Love (Emphaty)

Love is an amazingly beautiful emotion that makes everyone and everything flourish. Imagine if we all truley loved each other as we love our phones, our social media or chocoalate. Show some emotion don't drown yourself in toxic masculinity where a man should not show emotions or love others. Love is something we are posses and more we give it more it comes back to us. Exepct love from me, lots of love.

Good Comunication

Communication has always been the most valuable of human traits and its an art. How do you comunicate to someone you are honest about something, or you love them or have respect towards them. This is a tie in value. It is a special kind of value as it works like a glue that helps to use, share, express other values. Its as important if not more. Without clear comunication we are just empty shells, living our own perpective in a lonley world.

Future and Goals

My current goal is to move away from fullstack development into backend and devops, while focusing on development of soft and managerial skills. I want to help people I work with and people I will work with to start talking about their values and help them integrate those values with good comunication.

Currently I am trying to learn every possible aspect of business and development. Idea is to understand people, common pitfalls and patterns with modern development. I stand behind the idea of "Jack of All Trades, Master Of None".

I strongly believe having more experiences in different, unrelated aspects of business and life can have a profound diference in creating somethign special. Being in frontend and fullstack development has helped me understand problems and issues frontend developers have to deal with every day and is making me a better backend developer.

Idea for future is to use all the experience and knowledged gained to help build a team, and helps others to do the same. I want to explore backend development, human relations and product development as part of my life goal. Combining my values, good communication and my endless curiosity, hopefully start helping others find the edge, fix common problems or overall be better humans.

Farewell, fellow human, if you feel like our values align and we can do business of any kind please do not hesitat to contact me [email protected]